Attendance Challenge to Demonstrate Abhyasa

Congratulations to the winners of the Office Yoga® Attendance Challenge!

image2 (1)Making progress in any activity or endeavor requires commitment, time and effort. In yoga it’s referred to as abhyasa, diligent and focused practice. It is a disciplined and persistent effort to remain focused long enough to reap the benefits. Abhyasa can apply to training for a triathlon, yoga asana, meditation, learning a new language, building a relationship, working on a project, playing an instrument… you get the idea. It’s not a new or mind blowing concept, but it’s an easily forgotten one for many of us. Take your time and find a practice that is meaningful to you and then commit.

image1 (3)To demonstrate and practice abhyasa, Office Yoga® set up an Attendance Challenge which required employees to show up to class consistently for the period of a month. With regular attendance and effort, Office Yogis were better able to feel the benefits of yoga and meditation after returning to work. This also helped create a routine and build the habit of scheduling time for class and for themselves. The more you do something, the easier it becomes and the deeper the work becomes. Employees made the choice to do this for themselves (or maybe it was the free shirt ;P) but the principle continues to follow through.

Abhyasa- diligent and focused effort. Take your time, find a meaningful practice and then commit!

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