Playlist #7- Ahimsa


Playlist #7- Ahimsa

The sanskrit word Ahimsa (which is the first of the five yamas ) is directly translated as non violence and compassion. When we harm others, we harm ourselves and vice versa. While listening to the following playlist (or whenever possible), consider ways you can practice ahimsa in your day to day life.

Song, Artist

Cradle (w. Akira), Ghost and Tape

Apostles, Babel

Eve II (Odeza Remix), Emancipator

Hope (feat. BRAVE), Tim Legend

Lakshmi, Marti Nikko & DJ Drez

In the End, Soul Catayst & Such Magic

Aap Sahai Hoa, Simrit

Change of Hearts, NoMNe & Winslow Bright

Talk Talk- Ta-ku Remix, George Maple & Ta-ku

Pools, Harrison Brome

Torture, My.head

Fly Down, Stephen

You, Petit Biscuit

Wandering In Blue, Marti Nikko & DJ Drez

Two Bodies-Lido Remix, Flight Facilities & Emma Louise

Comes in Waves, Psychologist

Hold Me Down, Mansionair

Latika’s Theme, A.R. Rahman & Suzanne


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