Playlist #8-Viveka


Playlist # 8- VIVEKA

Viveka is sanskrit for having keen discernment. The Yoga Sutras emphasize having keen discernment and the ability to choose wisely between what is important and what is not, what serves us and what doesn’t. Without this ability, our thoughts, words and actions are limited to the whim of habitual tendency. Think of areas in your life where you can practice more viveka and how you might practice it.

Song, Artist

XX Intro- Original Mix, Kate Simko, London Electronic Orchestra

Midnight Moon, Waterstrider

Everything, City of the Sun

Lights, Billy Fox

143, Johnny Rain

Swimming Away, Prince Club & Geoffroy

Feathers & Wax, Vicktor Taiwo

tbh ily, Chet Porter

Mercury, Yates

Float (ft. Kenzie May), FTSE & Kensie May

The Wolf, LEO

Flown, Saavan

Ganesha, Wah!

India, Rod Ladgrove

Belize, Wayward

The End Is the Beginning, il gato

Divinity- Mazde Remix, KUCKA & Mazde

Teeth, Forrests

Unfold Her, ZW Dess

Detune, Kaleida

Savasana, Josh Brill


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