Playlist #10- Pramana

Playlist #10- Pramana (Correct Perception)

Pramana translates to correct perception– literally to measure or gauge what is in front of us. If we want to perceive an object or situation correctly, we have to have a broad understanding. Personal agendas, external labels, preconceived notions and personal life experiences all interfere with pramana. It is important to know that everyone approaches life through his or her own lenses and to have tolerance for those who see things differently. – Translations from Nicolai Bachman, “The Path of the Yoga Sutras”

A good way to test this is to choose a song from this playlist and have a friend listen to it. Afterwards, share your interpretations with one another and see how they differ.  

Song, Artist

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Leave With It, Stevie Nader

Bless This Morning Year, Helios

Signals, Night Games

Om Namah Shivaya Raam, Jai-Jagdeesh

Take Me Out, Happy Sometimes

Experience, Kacy Hill


Sweetness, Palmistry

Mercury, Yates

Lihgts, Billy Fox

Look Up, Litche

Firestone- Live Acoustic version, Kygo & Conrad Sewell

Wolf, Scott

Only U, et aliae

With You, Jai Jagdeesh

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