Playlist #12- Dharana (Choosing a Focus)


Playlist #12- Dharana (Choosing a Focus)

Dharana is defined as “keeping the attention on a single place.” Use viveka (discernment) to choose carefully and wisely so that it means something to you. This can be a physical object, a project at work, a new business venture or an abstract idea. Commit to an allotted amount of time you want to keep your focus and stick to it. This practice will help you strengthen and train your mind to be clear and focused.


Choose a coworker or friend who you would like to understand better. Sit quietly and probe into why this person behaves the way he does. Is there a way to accept this person for who he is and not react when conflict arises between the two of you?

Choose one song from the playlist and choose to listen to every single word without losing your focus.

-Excerpt and exercises inspired from Nicolai Bachman, “The Path of the Yoga Sutras”

Song, Artist

It’s Only- Instrumental, ODESZA

For Sudden, Deft

Solid, Friend In Paris

Left Alone (ft Chet Faker), Flume

Namah Shivaya, Krishna Das

Days Gone, Tor

Watching the Storm, U137

Sink, Noah Slee

Move Slower, Mammals and Flash Forest

Actual Woman, Girlyboi

Something Something Something, Nadia Nair

Airport Blues, Arms and Sleepers

New Beginnings, Firas Tarhini

Wasted My Time, I/O

You Were Right, Beauvois

Emergence, Ersatz

Tabulasa, Broke For Free

It’s Only (feat Zyra), ODESZA

Angels Prayer, Ty Burhoe and James Hoskins

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