Playlist #13- Tapas

Office Yoga® Playlist #13- Tapas

The word tapas derives from tap, meaning “to heat.” Real and permanent change in behavior creates heat from the friction o a new, positive pattern rubbing up against an old, negative one. The priceless heat of discomfort is the result of tapas. This can happen during exercise, breaking an old habit, changing direction in life, or doing any other activity that causes positive change.


  1. The next time you exercise, which may be an asana practice, push yourself just a little bit more (without taking risk of injury) and feel your muscles and fascia opening and generating heat. This is the heat of tapas.
  2. Think of a person who you may have difficulty with but necessary for you to interact. See if you can maintain a positive and kind attitude toward the person, especially when they are acting in a way that gets under your skin. After the interaction, reflect on how you felt as it was happening. Did you heat up? Did the kindness cool down the dynamic between the two of you?

Playlist #13

Sorry, Maximus MMC & Fab

It’s Only (ft. Zyra), ODESZA

Devil Like Me, Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Sintra, Flue

Always This Late, ODESZA

Serious, Kygo & Matt Corby

Mirror Play, Cubicolor

Your Symphony, Pulzanti

Years From Now, Modl

Moon, Brika


Baptize, Midnight

A Mountain With No Ending (ft. Panama), Classixx

Relax & Meditate, Meditation Music Zone

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