Office Yoga® for Busy Moms

“The greatest benefit for me is the convenience of doing Office Yoga® while at work because I am a busy mom at home.” Jasmine, Riverbed.

I love this. The convenience of adding movement into the work day is underrated. When you are a parent, your priority shifts to the children and leaves you with little or no time for yourself.  So many of us live busy lives, juggling between work, family and personal needs. Waking up early to workout is never enticing and getting home late after a long day doesn’t sound good either. This doesn’t include the commute to and from the gym, which also takes up a good chunk of time.

One of the many benefits of Office Yoga® is the convenience in location. Most Office Yoga® sessions are held in conference rooms or lobby areas on the same floor of the office, making it minutes away from your desk. There is no need to drive to a separate location, look for parking or pay the parking meter. Not having to commute to and from a separate location can save so much time, money and head space!

The physical exercise of Office Yoga® is enough movement to maintain a healthy body and mind long term. You have the physical strength and flexibility to be wth your kids in a more playful and dynamic manner. You also have the mental headspace and patience to meet their needs.

To be able to slip in and out on a weekly basis can add great value to your day to day life. You can get to the office on time and leave early enough to pick up your kids, make dinner or any other family obligations you may have!


Interested in having Office Yoga® at work? Contact us at and have a certified Office Yoga® teacher come to your workplace!

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