No Props? No Problem!

No Props? No Problem!

One of my favorite things about teaching Office Yoga® is the ability to be resourceful in utilizing space and props. Office Yoga® is unchartered territory which leaves plenty of room for creativity. Props can be extremely helpful for the students practice, especially in Office Yoga®. Unfortunately, not all offices have the luxury of keeping props in the workplace.

Over the years I have come across situations where a prop would be helpful but no “formal” yoga prop was in sight. On the fly, I had to think “what the purpose of the prop in mind?” and “what could I use in this room to support my student instead?” Here’s what I’ve encountered over the years…

No strap? Use an ethernet cable! 

If you find your student hanging in a forward fold, back rounded with no support, use an ethernet cable, USB cable or iPhone charger as a strap. This will offer leverage and help lengthen the spine forward. This can also be used to support clasping hands behind the back and various other positions. Any other string-like items laying around the office will work just as well.

No blocks? Use a water bottle!

Often times students will benefit from having the support of a block under their hands or hips. If you find your student wavering in a balance pose, use a water bottle for support. Any stable item small enough to grip can work as support here.

Sensitive knees? Use mouse padding! 

In “No Sweat, No Change” Office Yoga® classes, students don’t have mats. If they happen to be on the floor with no padding and sensitive knees, grab a mouse pad off the desk and slide it under the kneecap. Alternatively, students can use their jackets or sweaters that are close by at their desks for some support.

Forgot your speaker? Use a glass! 

Last week I forgot to bring my speaker with me to teach Office Yoga®.  Luckily, the iPhone speaker is loud enough on it’s own but a speaker always makes for a better environment. One of my students suggested putting the phone in a glass to create better sound. It works!

If you have been teaching Office Yoga® or have done yoga in your office before, I would love to hear from you! Please share any impromptu prop situations you have had and we would be happy to share your story. You can write in the comments below or email to share.

If you want to offer Office Yoga® classes in your workplace, email us for more info on how to get started!


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