How To Do Warrior 3

How to Do Warrior 3

In Office Yoga®, we use a variety of balance poses to help employees stay focused and grounded. There are many physical and mental benefits to balance poses such as Tree Pose (vrksasna), Dancer Pose (natarajasana) and Warrior 3 (virabhadrasana 3). Balance requires you to get our of your head and into your body quickly and efficiently.  It’s hard to think about your “to do” list or any current issues you may have when you’re balancing on one leg!

Here’s a quick video with one of our Office Yoga® students, David Stanton, that shows you how to get into Warrior 3. This is a traditional pose that engages the entire body and focuses the mind.

  1. Stand up tall with both feet underneath your hips. Take a moment and feel grounded.
  2. Step your LEFT foot behind you and lean forward.
  3. Shift all the way into the RIGHT leg and left your back leg up behind you.
  4. Reach your heart forward as you bring your hands by your sides, palms face down towards the floor.
  5. Engage your upper back and extend your chest forward.
  6. Ground the RIGHT foot firm and straighten the RIGHT leg
  7. Hold for five breaths and change sides

Traditionally, Warrior 3 is done with arms extended forward or hands at heart center in prayer, anjali mudra. In Office Yoga®, we have our students bring arms by their sides, palms face down with shoulder blades hugging in towards each other. This helps re engage the muscles in the upper back which is needed for many desk workers.

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