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The Value of a Healthy Body & Healthy Mind to Your Success with Maryam Sharifzadeh

Thank you HR Studio Podcast for having Office Yoga® on your show!! 

Here is an opportunity to challenge the way you think with a different angle on strengthening not only your own success but that of your employees and your organization.

In this episode, Maryam Sharifzadeh makes the case that health is a pillar on which successful leadership is built and that if we have our health in check, the rest of our lives will likely be successful.

Yoga is continually recognized as a great tool and outlet to support health goals. You’ll want to listen (and watch) Maryam who will:

  • Explain why and how organizations are offering Office Yoga® as a benefit.
  • Share the top five physical complaints she addresses in her classes.
  • Demonstrate a few simple poses you can perform at your desk now.
  • Describe the health benefits and success stories.

Maryam Sharifzadeh is a yoga expert and the founder/owner of Office Yoga®. She graduated with her Masters in Sports Management from USF and worked as a Wellness Coordinator at UC Berkeley, helping faculty and staff make healthy behavior change. During this time, Maryam has witnessed the true benefits of making exercise easy and convenient for people at work. Maryam draws her inspiration from her work at UC Berkeley to offer Office Yoga® in the San Francisco Bay area.

Follow the links below to listen or watch our latest episode. (23 minutes)

Download the show notes here.

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