Office Yoga® goes to Austin, TX!

Hi Office Yogis! We’re kicking off 2018 with a full client list.  The Bay Area is our home, but we are quickly growing nationwide!

Yes. You heard us right. We are rapidly growing, and have taken big steps towards expansion! We are excited to share that we are now offering Office Yoga® ™ classes in Austin, TX. Cat O’Neal just finished Office Yoga® Business Training, and has launched Office Yoga® Austin with the addition of ShipStation. WelcOMe Austin, TX!

Curious about Cat? We spent some 1:1 time with Cat, got to ask her our top line questions. Why yoga? And why OYO? Check out her answers below, you won’t want to miss them, they’re that good.

Q: Why yoga?
A: Get current, suspend judgement and breathe. That’s my yoga.

Q: Why OYO?
A: I am proud to bring Office Yoga® to Austin after being Maryam’s very first teacher for Office Yoga® in the Bay Area. I believed she was onto a revolutionary idea when she was getting her business up and running and now I am honored to extend what she began to offices in my home town.

Office Yoga® weaves together a light heartedness and playful attitude while implementing the profound tools and science behind the practice making it accessible and beneficial to any person at any level. This is why I love Office Yoga®. It is yoga for everybody. Studios can be intimidating or inconvenient for many people and OYO cuts that part out so more people can benefit from the science of mindfulness. Teaching, practicing and studying yoga is part of my joy and I am thrilled to share my joy with the hard working people of Austin.

Working in Austin, TX and want Office Yoga®? Contact for more more info!

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