Yoga at Stern Grove w/ Betsy Peterson

Betsy loves yoga, and loves sharing the practice with people all over the Bay Area and beyond. She thinks that yoga is mostly about just showing up to try – about its practice over perfection. She likes to encourage people to come as they are – each day, each moment – and just give it a shot! Let the ego rest, surrender the should/would/could, and say yes to what is. To practice yoga, Betsy thinks the main task is to do the best we can from where we are, and then have a little bit of faith that it’s enough.

Betsy studies with Stephanie Snyder and other senior instructors in the community. Betsy also received her 20 hr Office Yoga® Instructor certification in March through Office Yoga®’s teacher training program.

Betsy is known for bringing a unique mixture of a deep sense of reverence for the practice, along with some serious fun and joy to the process of doing yoga. By mindfully linking breath, movement, intention and flow together with inspiring music, Betsy helps students cultivate strength and ease on the mat, which then ripples out into the world.

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