Yoga at Stern Grove w/ Maryam

Maryam is the CEO and owner of Office Yoga®. When she’s not running the business, she in other people’s offices teaching a well balanced yoga class with pranayama and meditation. Her athletic background keeps her classes functional and skillful. She is creative and practical by nature, using different props and furniture around the office to spice up the class.

Maryam graduated with her Masters in Sport Management from USF. Shortly after graduate school she began working as a wellness coordinator at UC Berkeley helping faculty and staff make healthy behavior change. During this time, Maryam witnessed the true benefits of making exercise easy and convenient for people at work. Maryam draws her inspiration from her work at UC Berkeley to offer Office Yoga® here in San Francisco and nation wide.

Maryam studies yoga under Stephanie Snyder, Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells both in San Francisco and New York. She curated the Office Yoga® Teacher Training program to provide quality and consistency in her services through Office Yoga®- and to inspire other teachers in this new environment of practice.

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