Yoga at Stern Grove w/ Cindy

Cindy Raspillar

Cindy’s yoga classes focus on creativity of movement and calming of the mind. Believing that everybody can benefit from yoga, she strives to break complex movements and ideas down into their basic parts so student leave class feeling strong and accomplished. Focus on physical alignment and awareness of the body and breath are integral to her teaching.

Cindy has been enjoying the benefits of a consistent yoga practice since 2013. After noticing the improvements in her physical and mental strength, she completed her 200 hour teacher training so that she could help others feel strong and grounded. She then completed an additional 20 hour Office Yoga® Teacher Training in San Francisco. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies and loves to share yoga “life hacks” to help fight common aches and pains and enhance mental clarity.

When Cindy is not teaching, she’s working on her other passion of web and graphic design.

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