Welcome our most recent New York Instructor!

Yarrow Bucans

Office Yoga®’s welcomes it’s most recent New York instructor, Yarrow Bucans! Yarrow and Maryam met at Sri Dharma Mittra’s Yoga Teacher Training back in summer of 2015. Maryam was drawn to Yarrow’s deep connection with her own self and high level of experience with the yoga practice. They connected right away and remained friends throughout the training. At that time, Maryam was just starting Office Yoga® in San Francisco and had no idea it would ever reach New York. When it finally did, Yarrow was one of the first instructors she reconnected with.

Read more about Yarrow’s background…

Yarrow Bucans is a yoga teacher, meditation leader, beautiful storyteller, writer, poet, and the founder of the groundbreaking  “Alchemizing Pain Into Light” workshops. She is also a graduate student at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she is studying Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Depth Psychology.

Since she began practicing yoga and meditating in 2002, Yarrow has stepped onto her path; she has healed her obsessive-compulsive disorder and eradicated her anxiety. Most importantly, she has discovered who she is. It is her aim to help others heal the same way.

With teaching certificates from Dharma Mittra and Bikram Choudhury her teaching style is very classic, but she adds a modern twist. She also graduated from Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master class.

Having spent years getting in touch with her own emotional pain, Yarrow has become skilled at cracking open the human heart, extracting the most beautiful and painful pieces from it, and alchemizing those into light, Through her teaching, writing, and workshops she has lifted others onto their path. Under her expert guidance students have had radical breakthroughs in their meditation and yoga practices, which have led to breakthroughs in their lives.  Attendees of her workshops have called it “powerful” and “life-changing.”

Yarrow believes we are alchemists capable of transforming the darkest, most painful, pieces of ourselves into light, into love, so that we can give our unique gift to the world.

Office Yoga® is thrilled to have such a high level instructor on their team. Welcome to the Office Yoga® squad, Yarrow!

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