The Business of Yoga

Office Yoga® is proud to be featured in Amy McDonald’s “Mastering the Business of Yoga Speaker Series.” Amy is a leading activist in unpacking the mysteries of the yoga biz, and how we can do things differently to build a sustainable career.  LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE


Maryam has been teaching yoga in the workplace since 2009. With over 4,200 classes and 300+ companies under her belt, Maryam is an expert in Office Yoga®. Her fitness background, 1,200 RYT and Masters in Sports Management all provide her with a deep understanding of the physical body and mind, and how we can use these tools to best elevate our personal and professional lives. Maryam is now the CEO of Office Yoga® and creator of the Office Yoga® Teacher Training program.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Creating your own niche, and hiring your friends!

  • The specific skill of teaching Office Yoga®

  • How to really read your audience in different environments


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