Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

Tune in to hear Maryam on the Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast!
She shares her journey to becoming a business owner, as well as tips and best practices for getting started in a corporate and office environment.
Discussed in this episode:
  • When you are a yoga teacher, you wear a lot of hats!
  • When you’re on the right path, you’ll find ease and a sense in flow in what you do – this doesn’t mean that it’s not hard work, but it does make it feel easier.
  • Collaboration over competition! Support the people around you because when your community grows, you grow too!
  • Understand who you are teaching to and what industry they are in so that you can prescribe different practices that will really serve their needs.
  • You can weave philosophy into your sequencing and give people sprinkles of philosophy so that it feels more accessible.
  • Build a relationship with the people that you are teaching, and after you have that rapport, you can start to weave in the dharma elements of yoga or the more philosophical aspects that resonate with you.
  • Bring in the principles of yoga into how you run your business and live your life.
  • Teach as much as you can, especially when you are new to teaching!
  • And much more… Here’s the episode!

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