Meditation is an invitation to inspiration


“Meditation is an invitation to inspiration.”⁣ Tara Nicole Nelson

A few months ago I was swimming laps around the break wall in the bay. The water was choppy and after about 90 min the tide went slack (the moment of calm between the ebb and flood). In these few moments of slack I spotted a wondrous, radiant starfish on the break wall. It had been hiding below the surface of the choppy water. Had the water not settled, I would have never spotted this beautiful, unique starfish which is rare in the bay. ⁣

This is how meditation works. Our minds are like choppy water, and only when it settles can we see the real treasures. ⁣

Meditation itself isn’t inspiring. To be honest, it’s painfully boring most of the time. But the action of meditation is what slows the ripple of thoughts and allows us to see something deeper, more meaningful. It allows room for new thoughts and inspiration to come through. ⁣

I encourage you to sit still. Five minutes ?? Everyone has five minutes. Sit still, listen to your breath and the treasures that await for you.⁣

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