3 steps I took to support women in business

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to present at the World Changing Women’s Summit in Sonoma. It was a beautiful experience all the way through. Some days were inspiring, some days were vulnerable. I continue to unfold various moments and conversations from the event and I can’t help but feel a shift from inside. This change has upgraded my behavior and actions as a leader.

What I now recognize is, I have a lot more power than I realize. I am the ultimate decision maker in my business and I vote with my dollars and and time. I have the power to support other women in our community, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. In two weeks I have made three big changes, personally and professionally.

First, I hired a female videographer, Kim from TalkOakland, who is a powerful story teller and filmmaker.I’ve worked with her in the past and she was incredible and kind. I have been intending to create online content for Office Yoga and decided to bring her back for this bigger project. We will be shooting in March, so stay tuned!

Second, I have also chosen to work with HigherRing, a female founded agency who’s CEO Michelle, was also at the summit. Her company hires military wives and other women across the country to do backend support for small businesses like mine.

Last but not least, I have made dedicated space in my calendar to help raise my new god daughter, Simone. This past Saturday I babysat to give her moms a break. Simone and I spent the afternoon at the park. I tried to teach her how to say “god mom” and settled with “god” for short 😉 Jury is still out on the nickname…

It’s one thing to come together and discuss issues and struggles we are collectively going through. This is incredibly important and necessary to begin. What’s equally important is the actions we take after we have digested the information. We can sit with the stories and ignore the calling for change, or we can take action, big or small, as strong women do.

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