Amanda Dailey


Amanda Dailey, OYO Instructor

Amanda was born and raised in Seattle but recently moved to Denver to chase both the sunshine as well as the mountains (outdoor recreation is a huge part of her life). Yoga came into her life when she was 16 and has served as a way to move through trauma and grief. After her dad passed away, Amanda began coming to the mat consistently to connect her mind and body back together. Not long after her mat became the only place that felt like home.

After taking a year off to backpack around the world solo, practicing yoga in several places along the way, she was led to Rishikesh, India–the birthplace of Yoga. In 2017, while living in an Ashram in India, she received her 200 hour certification.

Amanda currently teaches a variety of yoga (from Hatha to Vinyasa to Yin). Her classes emphasize self love, acceptance, exploration and releasing. She hopes to help all students feel at ease and let themselves explore.

Click here to see what Amanda likes to do when she’s not teaching yoga….

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