Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane
Office Yoga® Instructor, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah is a sun-worshipping Power Yoga instructor inspired by nature and freeform dance. Since beginning her practice in 2010, Sarah has developed a devotion to whole mind-body wellness and a deep love for yoga philosophy. Through teaching yoga, she encourages strength and peace, connecting her students with their highest selves while cultivating optimal health. 

Sarah is 200-hour yoga certified, reiki 1 attuned, and has worked with a shamanic healer and mentor for two years to expand her capacity to assist in the healing of her clients. Through teaching yoga, spiritual life coaching, and hosting women’s circles, Sarah creates a safe container for transformation, healing, and free self expression. Sarah enjoys ecstatic dance, meditation, and breathwork – all healing modalities that are also incorporated into her work. Sarah feeds her soul with human connection, ecstatic dance, and vegan food. She currently teaches yoga throughout Los Angeles and coaches clients worldwide.

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