Teach one, Feed TEN

Last fall Office Yoga partnered with No Kid Hungry in a campaign: Teach One, Feed One. This was inspired by the loss of my childhood sister, Nasim. She had a passion for helping underprivileged children and Teach One, Feed One is my way of keeping her spirit alive.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, young children who depend on school for food are now struggling to get their next meal (amongst many other problems, of course). I feel powerless when I think of all that has collapsed and the many who suffer, but I feel empowered when I take actions within my means.


With that said, Office Yoga is elevating its campaign- Teach One, Feed TEN- during the COVID-19 pandemic. For every class we teach, we will donate 10 meals to a child in need.


For the month of April, Office Yoga has contributed 1,400 meals!! I have to remind myself that even though I can’t do everything, I can do something to help.

Thank you for your continued support. More meals to be donated in May!

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