Take a Step Back

I feel like this is the kind of sequence you need to do with no pants on to catch someone’s eye. Nonetheless, this is a good pairing 🙂

Start with a Baby Dancer (or quad stretch), hold R foot with R hand and extend knee down towards floor. After 5 breaths, step R foot back (take a leap of faith) and come into a lunge position. Front knee bent to 09 degrees, back leg straight, heel lifted. Once the feet have settled clasp the hands behind the back and lift the heart.

I call this the Step Back because a conscious leader knows when to take the back seat and get out of the way. Stepping back into a lunge can feel unsettling, you can’t see behind you and sometimes the stance is narrow and throws balance off. Stepping back in leadership can feel the same way.

I’m working on the conscious leadership piece for Instructor Training and this is coming up a lot right now. My intention for this training is pass the reigns, everything I’ve learned about founding Office Yoga in 9 years and during COVID. I’m ready to take a step back so you can thrive. See full curriculum in bio. You can pre enroll now and save $200, or wait for the launch on October 17.

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