Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Yoga

One year ago, we rolled out Twitter’s Office Yoga® program nationwide, conducting live classes in New York, Boston, DC, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, LA, and San Francisco. It took us 8 months to implement, and then within 2 weeks, all the offices were closed due to COVID.

In true Silicon Valley style, we had to pivot. I worked closely with Twitter’s leadership team, whom I’ve grown closer to through these challenges. We were able to revise the program for a pandemic. I learned a lot more about the digital space and cybersecurity than I ever imagined. The transition has been huge—and worth every effort.

While the Coronavirus continues to be a problem, our corporate wellness program has been a success. Twitter employees from all over the world- Dublin, Switzerland, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, New Mexico, Boulder, San Francisco Bay Area, and more, are coming together to practice and meditate.

Yoga says, “from the mud comes the lotus flower.” This reminds us that difficult times always bear fruit. On the other side of an obstacle is an opportunity.

As I “look forward” to my next obstacle, it’s important to remind ourselves of where we are now and why we do what we do at Office Yoga. So I present to you these five benefits of corporate yoga.

Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Yoga


1. Social Health

Corporate yoga classes give employees a sense of connection and belonging. When employees move and breathe together, it forms a meaningful bond. This is especially important during times of working-from-home, as we are, and in isolation. Connection breeds emotional and psychological health, which ultimately leads to better performance.

2. Physical health

How our bodies feel has an impact on how we think, which extends to the way we operate. Feeling connected to our bodies can bring a sense of confidence and empowerment.

3. Stress Relief

Movement can be a huge stress-reliever. Physical activity, stretching, and short meditation breaks interrupt the train of stress we encounter in a normal working day and provide an opportunity for better relationships with ourselves and others. Don’t hold that stuff inside!

4. Community

Online Office Yoga classes connect people near and far. Terry in San Francisco probably wouldn’t have met Linda in New Hampshire…even if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be hanging out 3x/week and sweating together!

5. It’s fun

All work and no play—well, you know where that’s going. While Office Yoga is founded on a serious value proposition, our practitioners, in offices all around the US, tell us that they’re having more fun doing yoga than they would in some other type of exercise.

I continue to be humbled and in awe of this practice that I get to call “my job.” If you’re looking for a fun community or a good sweat, join us!


“Working from home full time is even harder than going into the office. Office Yoga forces me to carve out time for myself and to commit to self-care. Plus, I love meeting Tweeps in other offices. We motivate each other to work out! ”Terry D, Twitter

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