Ready to Become an Office Yoga Teacher?

office yoga teacher training

Ready to become an Office Yoga teacher? Office Yoga Teacher Training might be the right fit for you!

Becoming an office yoga teacher can be incredibly rewarding for several reasons, but it’s not for everyone. Office spaces don’t have a naturally serene environment with candles, props, dim lights, temperature-controlled rooms, incense, or softwood floors. When I started teaching Office Yoga, I was constantly editing my sequences on the spot to accommodate the environment. I used USB cables and phone chargers as straps. When I needed padding for low lunges, I used a mousepad (remember those?). Comparing a sterile boardroom to a serene yoga studio can lead to disappointment. However, as I matured as a yoga teacher, I fell in love with the office space. If you can easily adapt to different environments, then corporate yoga may be a good fit for you.

10 Benefits of Becoming an Office Yoga Teacher

  • Promoting Health: When I teach studio classes, all my students come to yoga because they feel stressed from work. Teaching Office Yoga gets to the root of the problem by showing up directly to the workplace. Simple stretches at the desk help individuals counteract the adverse effects of sitting for prolonged periods. Sessions help reduce muscle tension and improve posture and mental health. Employees will often express their gratitude for your time and expertise.

  • Convenient class times: Office Yoga hours complement studio hours. Most classes are during the day, so you can still teach your regular studio classes in the mornings and evenings. Companies are flexible and can work in those free blocks of time in your schedule. Teaching in an office is a great way to reach a new demographic and increase revenue streams.

  • Working with Beginners: Employees might attend a yoga class onsite to get out of work, or they have a crush on a coworker who also goes to class. Whatever the reason, beginners with no yoga experience often stumble into practice. Working with beginners allows you to refine your teaching by repeating fundamental postures. Moreover, you get to see the practice through a beginner’s eyes.
office yoga teacher training

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  • Stress Reduction: Office Yoga can alleviate stress and promote relaxation through breathing exercises and mindful movements. We’ve all been stressed, even as yoga teachers. Fostering a more peaceful work environment improves employee mental health and reduces the daily grind. 
  • Boosting Productivity: Our happiest clients have a weekly yoga schedule. Regular yoga sessions enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity, increasing employee productivity. In our 2023 end-of-year survey, one student wrote, “Office Yoga gives me a much-needed break, which I wouldn’t take on my own. I feel more clear and relaxed when going back to work.”

  • Grow Your Audience: Teaching yoga in an office reaches a demographic of people who don’t typically walk into a yoga studio. Think of the busy mom who has to pick up her kid after school or the workaholic who stays until 8 PM every day. Teaching yoga during the workday makes it easy for people with busy schedules to participate in class who wouldn’t make it to your studio sessions.

  • Flexible Schedule: The fastest way to burn out as a yoga teacher is buzzing around from studio to studio, teaching 15 classes per week with large gaps in between. I often had 10-hour days but only taught for 4 of them because of the spread in timing. Depending on your arrangement, teaching corporate yoga can offer flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to balance other commitments and stack your sessions before or after studio classes.

  • Personal Fulfillment: Sharing your passion for yoga and seeing its positive impact on others’ lives can be personally fulfilling and rewarding. I love it when students express their gratitude. The CEO of one of my clients told me, “One of the best investments I’ve ever made was bringing yoga into the office.” Making others feel good feels good.
office yoga teacher training

  • Higher pay rates: Let’s be honest; it’s hard to make an adult living teaching only drop-in classes. If yoga studios could pay you more, they would. If you don’t have deep pockets or a trust fund set aside, teaching office yoga offers a way to make an adult living. Companies have a budget set aside for wellness initiatives. I’ll share some thoughts on pricing and package structures in Office Yoga Teacher Training. Save energy and work more efficiently with higher pay rates from clients. 

  • Additional Opportunities: In addition to teaching in an office, corporate yoga might open doors to other opportunities, such as leading workshops, offering private sessions, public speaking gigs, or even corporate wellness retreats. Employee well-being is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Companies often incorporate workshops and events for improved outcomes. 

Teaching Office Yoga is incredibly rewarding. Companies see yoga as an accessible way to support their employees’ overall health and well-being. If you want to establish a career teaching yoga, Office Yoga Teacher Training will help get you there. 

Office Yoga trains yoga teachers how to teach yoga in the corporate space. If you’re interested in Office Yoga Teacher Training, learn more.

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