Earth Day at the Office: 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Season

earth day at the office

It’s Earth Season! Two things are abundantly clear as we celebrate Earth Day in the office. First, the climate crisis is unfolding fast and alarmingly, and second, we cannot address the climate issues without taking responsibility for the actions within our reach. 

I’ve been working hard to develop curriculum and resources for my clients, who, like many of us, are interested in taking their yoga off that mat. One of my clients makes sustainable pet food, and the environment is one of their core values. Exposure to soil positively impacts the immune system and mind, so I scheduled an outdoor Office Yoga class to get some Vitamin G (aka Grounding). Plant-based foods have a significantly smaller carbon footprint, so we included more vegan snacks around the office. I was happy to consider environmental impacts when creating the curriculum on and off the mat, a practice that truly embodies their values. Below are more simple ideas clients love. 

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at the Office

1. Log off & touch grass ?

2. If you don’t need it, don’t print it ?️

3. Order seasonal and local food for team events ?

4. Reduce food waste by only ordering what you need ?️

5. Change your internet browser to Ecosia (fellow B Corp)

6. Schedule an Office Yoga class outdoors ☀️

7. Research local recycling guidelines ♻️

8. Order swag made with recycled materials instead of plastic 

9. Donate or gift the old swag in the storage closet ?

10. Switch to native plants around the office ?

Bonus: Learn about the UN’s 17 Global Goals (SDGs)

If you’re interested in learning more, listen to this podcast on supporting the frontlines of climate justice or read about the 57 companies linked to 80% of greenhouse emissions. 

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