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The most common question in Office Yoga Training is: “How do I find corporate yoga clients?” I’ve tried a variety of marketing tactics, and the most important lesson I’ve learned is to find a strategy that fits your natural talents and desires. You won’t keep doing it if you don’t enjoy your marketing strategy, and successful marketing requires consistency. Clients do not appear overnight. Give your efforts time to land and resonate with your audience. This could take anywhere from six months to a year, so let’s get started! Try these 8 marketing strategies to find corporate yoga clients:

8 Marketing Strategies to Find Corporate Yoga Clients

1. Word of Mouth

Do your job well, and word will spread. I get 85% of my clients from word-of-mouth marketing. Your excellent service speaks for itself. Employees leave and find other jobs; if you have a good rapport with them, they will recommend you to their new company or a colleague looking for an office yoga instructor. This is the ultimate testament of word-of-mouth marketing, which will expand your client base.

But what does it mean to do your job well? I’d argue that it requires high-level training, flexibility, and professionalism. Get proper training in your subject matter, corporate yoga, and keep your classes safe. Offer diverse sessions appropriate for the corporate setting, like desk yoga, mindfulness workshops, and meditation classes. Maintain professionalism in contacting clients and following up on requests for proposals (RFPs), video calls, and legal documentation. See RFP templates and legal documentation requirements in the Office Yoga Training dashboard.   

2. Out With the Old, in With the Newsletter

corporate yoga

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If you don’t already have an email list, consider building one. Email marketing, in the form of a newsletter, offers an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to share information with people who want to hear from you. To build your newsletter, tell your students after class to get on your email list if they want to hear more about your retreats, get a copy of your playlist, or learn more about your corporate yoga offerings. Put a link on your website that allows people to subscribe for yoga tips and inspiration. Include links in your blog posts for people to subscribe and learn about wellness topics. When sharing content on social media, give people a chance to subscribe to your newsletter for more yoga content. 

3. Out-stagram 

In my twelve years of business and 400+ companies, I’ve never gotten a corporate yoga client from Instagram. If you’re banging your head against the digital wall, this is your permission to stop. Social media can be an easy way to share photos and testimonials, but it doesn’t always lead to direct clients. If you enjoy social media, consider creating a LinkedIn page to connect with other business leaders. LinkedIn is where people share business tips and professional stories. Use social media platforms to build your brand and funnel people to your newsletter. 

4. Network

If you’re a social butterfly, you probably thrive at networking. At the start of my business, I would find networking events on MeetUp, a people platform, to connect with others in my area. Consider attending events, industry conferences, and business gatherings to meet potential clients. Build relationships with HR managers, wellness coordinators, and decision-makers within companies. Stay connected with them on Linkedin or, better yet, offer a helpful resource through your newsletter. 

5. Gorilla Marketing

I shared with Andrea in the Yogaland Podcast how I got my second client knocking on doors. I also was later escorted out of the building for “soliciting.” Knocking on doors may or may not be an effective strategy for you, but it doesn’t hurt to think of every business or office building you enter as a potential client. If you work in a corporate office, start there! Your colleagues would appreciate a 20-minute break or guided meditation to return to their bodies and minds. 

6. Cold Outreach

corporate yoga

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Although cold outreach is not my preferred method of finding clients, it can work. I have a rule of thumb that there needs to be no more than one degree of separation between me and the prospective client. I feel more comfortable contacting the person if they liked a post or shared an article I wrote. 

Additionally, you can find indirect connections through your existing network. One of the law firms I work with was recognized as one of the “Top 50 Law Firms”. I contacted the 49 other law firms on the list, congratulated them on the award with my shared client, and asked them to keep me in mind if they needed corporate yoga services. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Bloomberg, and Forbes to find leadership accolades. 

7. Thought Leadership Articles

Writing articles is a great way to share your expertise and information. Research the scientific benefits of meditation and tie that in with your personal story. The data on employee health benefits is abundant. Office Yoga falls into the category of employee health and workplace well-being. Share your thought leadership through articles in your newsletter and website. Be sure to include a link allowing people to subscribe to your newsletter if they want to hear more from you!

8. Tell People!

corporate yoga

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I was working with a graduate of the Office Yoga Teacher Training program who was interested in turning her corporate yoga clients into privates. She was having trouble getting clients from the office to her studio. I asked, “How are you telling people?” she responded, “I’m not.” 

Let your students, friends, and family know you are certified to teach corporate yoga classes. Share a fun story from your training and post your credentials on your website. Tell your students after class that you offer new office yoga services, and talk about your desire to bring yoga into the corporate world at dinner parties. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll find someone who knows someone looking for an office yoga teacher.  

9. Tell People Again! 

I can’t overemphasize the importance of consistency and repetition. Keep reminding people (in a tactful way) about your services. 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to finding corporate yoga clients. Most importantly, find a strategy that works for you and stay consistent with your approach. Be patient with outcomes. Corporate wellness decisions are made only a few times per year. People are busy, and it takes time to build rapport. Get started sooner rather than later if you want to add corporate yoga to your list of services. 

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