Office Yoga® Class Sampler

San Francisco offices like to roll out their mats and get sweaty with a good Office Yoga® Flow class. In the case you don’t we have other options for you!

Conference Table Yoga- Use the conference table and chairs as props for your class. With a combination of standing and seated poses you can open the hips and shoulders to relieve neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

No Sweat, No Change, No Stress- Don’t have space for a class? No problem! We have do a full 30-min sequence in a given area around the office. Commonly used spaces are lobby areas, elevator banks, hallways, conference rooms, break rooms, kitchens, bank vaults, you name it!

Office Yoga® Flow- If you have the space and the equipment, we can roll out of full 30-60 min Office Yoga® Flow class that specifically tailors the requests of the employees. Most common requests are poses to relieve should stiffness, neck tension, hip tightness and back pain.

Stay tunes for more sequences and info. If you want the full effect, contact and get Office Yoga® started at your workplace!

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