Office Yoga® for Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Office Yoga® for Shoulders and Upper Back Pain

Our shoulders are complicated joints that need a lot of maintenance. The shoulder is made up of 4 joints: Sternoclavicular (SC), Scapulothoracic (ST), Acromioclavicular (AC), Glenohumeral (GH) plus additional layers of ligaments, tendons and tissues that surround the area. When sitting in front of a computer, we lean forward to look at the screen which rounds the upper back, shortens the chest muscles and rolls the shoulders forward and in. When you consider this posture, it’s no surprise there is tension and pain here.

Our bodies are extremely precious and constantly changing. When we neglect our problem areas, they only get worse. On the flip side, if we do something, it gets better! It’s incredibly important to tend to these issues as soon as they come up, even if it’s only 1 minute at a time. Office Yoga® can help with this. One pose is better than no pose. Something is better than nothing.

We get constant requests for shoulders and back stretches in our Office Yoga® sessions. I’ve put together a “1 Minute, 1 Pose” Office Yoga® video that can help you relieve some of the stress and tightness that comes throughout the day.

The Pose: Eagle Arms (Garudasana)

This pose is called Eagle Arms (Garudasana). This will engage upper back, shoulders and chest. The intertwined arms bring an energetic balance and alignment to the nervous system.  I recommend doing this pose at least 3 times a day, if possible.

Squeeze shoulder blades together.

Important Note: When bending your elbows out to the sides, squeeze the shoulder blades together and hold for a moment! This will engage the upper back and help strengthen the area to release tension. 



Alternative Variation: If it doesn’t feel good to double wrap your arms all the way, hold opposite shoulders instead.

Alternative variation to Eagle Arms, just as beneficial

You get the exact same benefit in both variations. Overtime, you will find yourself to be able to do both variations. Still, choose the one that feels best to you in the moment. 



Have any requests? We’re happy to help you with any problem areas you may have. Just leave a note in the comment box below or reach out to us at

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