VIDEO: Office Yoga® for Hips & Balance

Office Yoga® for Hips & Balance: Figure 4

Office Yoga® meets with David Stanton from Mondo to show you how to do the Office Yoga® Figure 4. This pose is a staple in our Office Yoga® sequencing because it has many great benefits. The Figure 4 helps release tension in the outer hips and lower back, while helping improve balance reflexes. Here are some simple directions on how to get into the pose:

  1. Start standing, just as David is
  2. Balance on your LEFT leg, bringing the RIGHT knee in towards your chest
  3. Bring your RIGHT ankle over your LEFT knee (creating a Figrue 4 shape)
  4. Bring your hands to heart (for balance and remembering your intention)
  5. Bend your left knee and sit back into your hips, like you’re sitting in a chair
  6. Hold for a few breaths
  7. When you’re done, bring both feet to the floor and reach your arms over head to stretch and lengthen the body
  8. Finish with your hands back at your heart center (remembering your intention)
  9. Repeat the same pose on the other side

The shape of the bent knee softly mimics Pigeon Pose, which opens the outer hips and releases tension in the lower back. Balancing on one foot requires core engagement and focus. For better balance, it helps to softly press the ankle and knee into each other.

If this pose helps you, share with your coworkers and friends. For regular Office Yoga® classes at your company, contact for more information!


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