Why do we roll to the right after savasana?

Why Do We Roll to the Right after Savasana?

In one of our Office Yoga® sessions, a student asked “Why do we always roll to the right after savasana?” There are many theories as to why we roll to the right after savasana. It may be health related, organ related, energy related, or all. Even if we do not have a definitive answer, rolling to the right simply feels wonderful! Here are the main theories behind why we roll to the right.

  1. Physiological: The heart is more open and free when we roll to the right. Since your heart is on the left side, rolling to the right puts less pressure on the heart. This allows your heart to do its job more easily. Likewise, the heart remains above the other organs, making it easier to feed them.  It also helps our natural blood pressure rate reach homeostasis.
  2. Energy Philosophy: The Ida Nadi, one of the main channels of Prana (life force) is activated when you roll right. This energy channel is linked to cooling energy, which helps the body stay calm and ready to move to seated. The left side body is Yin energy. Lying on right side allows breath to flow more easily through the left nostril; breathing through the left nostril activates the left or yin energy channel. Yoga is a practice of removing energy blockages. By opening up different sides of the body, energy release occurs.
  3. Spiritual/ Symbolic: In India it is good luck to enter into a holy space with the right foot and the right side of the body in general is more auspicious. The right is connected to the East and to the sunrise. When you roll to the right it symbolizes facing East and a metaphoric rise from your yoga practice. The right also relates to blessings, grace, and bliss.

If you are pregnant it is advised to roll to the left because it increases blood flow to fetus.

In your next Office Yoga® session, roll to the right and pause. See if any of the above theories resonate for you and have it affects your experience.

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