2 minute sequence for neck & shoulders

2 Minute Office Yoga® Sequence for Neck & Shoulders

All of our stretches and sequences have been verified and approved by licensed Physical Therapists from Renew Physical Therapy and MD’s from Columbia University.

We often have requests for shoulders and neck in our Office Yoga® sessions. There are various ways to relieve tension in this area. Bri Deckard, one of our instructors in the south bay area, has spent some time working with our Office Yoga® students.  She finds this short sequence to be easy and effective!

Office Yoga® for the shoulders…

  1. Start in a comfortable seats position (option to sit on block for more comfort)
  2. Bring finger tips to the ground, chest lifted, shoulders relaxed
  3. Inhale, reach arms up to the ceiling, gaze up past your hands
  4. Exhale, release hands to your sides, chin to chest
  5. Repeat this for 3 breaths

Office Yoga® for the neck…

  • Finish above with hands by sides, fingertips on the ground
  • Relax LEFT ear toward LEFT shoulder, let the head relax
  • Roll chin down towards the chest and then RIGHT ear toward RIGHT shoulder
  • Repeat 2-3 times
  • Finish with chin to chest
  • Inhale arms up, exhale hands to heart in anjali mudra, prayer hands

Try this short sequence everyday, as often as you would like in between Office Yoga® sessions. Learn more about Bri Deckard. To schedule Office Yoga® sessions at work, contact info@officeyoga.com

Find more short sequences on shoulder and neck pain on our Office Yoga® blog page.



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