oyo Sequence Series: Low Back Lovin’

We know what it feels like to sit in a desk all day long – believe us, the Office Yoga® Team does their fair share of computer work (Welcome to the 21st Century, yogis!). So, we wanted to make sure we shared the magic of yoga, and help reverse all of that computer time. Welcome to our Office Yoga® Sequence Series. Print out this PDF and follow along below!

After sitting, or standing, at your desk all day, the low back tends to become very achy. Here at Office Yoga® HQ, we are bust out the the Office Yoga® Low Back Lovin’ sequence on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Let’s dive on in!

In order to get the juices flowin’, we gently warm up the spine with sphinx pose. Hold sphinx for 5-10 breaths or longer if that is necessary for you today (remember: it’s different every day!).

Transition into cat/cow. Feel free to throw in some hip circles or externally rotate the hands and turn the fingers in for a wrist stretch . Just move around and flow on your mat. Close your eyes, and think to yourself, “No one is watching, Imma do me!” 

Next, puppy pose. Lending a hand to many of the same benefits as Cactus Arms, puppy pose will help open up the front of the chest, the shoulders, and (most importantly) relax and elongate the neck. Take 10 deep breathes here and feel the freedom arise.

Flow through a Vinyasa at any point in time, just make sure you end up on your belly in shalabhasana before transitioning onto your back for baby bridge.

Once you make it onto your back for baby bridge, drive your heals into the ground and lift your hip bones up. Interlace fingers behind your spine, lift chest towards chin. Hold for ten breaths. 

Gently lower the spine to the floor and transition into your figure 4. Draw the legs in towards the chest to amplify the opening in the outer hips. Do both sides. Take deep breaths. *sigh*

Finally, move into your supine twist. This is where the magic happens. Feel the body sink down into the floor, allow your day to drift away.

Stay here as long as you’d like. When you’re ready, return to your comfortable seat at the top of the mat. Bow your head, and thank Office Yoga® for the mini flow session. Namaste, ya’ll.

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