OYO Sequence Series: Mental Focus & Balance

Ever feel tired and unable to focus? Especially around 2-3P? Yep. Us too. That’s why we created this awesome sequence for Mental Focus and Balance. It’s the perfect alternative to that afternoon cup of coffee. Not only does it help clear the mind, but it brings you back energized! Print out the Office Yoga® Sequence Series PDF and follow along below.

So far we’ve covered Surya Namaskar – Sun SalutationsTadasanaVrkasana – Tree PoseCactus Arms, and our OYO Low Back Lovin’ Sequence. All very integral pieces to the Office Yoga® Flow series we put together for you at your offices (and at home!).

Start in Tadasana. You can even do this right at your desk – it’s okay, your coworkers will catch on real fast, and probably join in on the fun!

Take a moment to close you eyes (15 seconds does the trick) and reset. Say to yourself, “I am here, right now, no where else.” Deep inhale, deep exhale.

Reach your hands up and over your head, then bend your elbows and sequeeze your shoulder blades together at the back of the heart. Do this a few times, inhaling as you reach up, and exhaling as you bend and squeeze. Oh, hello old friend, Cactus Arms.

Testing your balance, shift your weight on to your right foot. Bend your left knee and draw your heal to your glut by holding on to the top of your foot. Hold for 15 seconds. Switch feet. We’re warming up the mind, and creating balance internally.

Next, Utkatasana. Basically, sitting in a chair… Without a chair! This will wake up your legs and your upper back quickly. Make sure to keep the weight in the heals of the feet, and the chest elevated. Hold for five deep breaths.

Transition into High Lunge by stepping your right foot forward, and your left foot backwards. If you feel wobbly, that’s okay! Just take a wider stance. Switch legs.

Now, by you’re probably feeling pretty good. If you wanted to throw in a Vinyasa or two, we would totally support that 😉

After High Lunge shift your weight forward, and balance on your right leg for Virabhadrasna 3. Reach fingers in front of you, while you flex your back foot away from you. Pretend you are one long line of energy, floating in space. Don’t forget to do the other side!

Reset in Tadasana and transition into Utkatasana. Shift the weight into your right foot and bring your left knee in towards your chest. Pause here, and balance. Once you feel settled, then bring the left ankle on top of your right thigh for Figure 4. Sit the sit bones back, draw hands to heart center, and hold for 3 breaths. Repeat on the left side.

Finally, ending this sequence with Garudasana. Begin in Utkatasana, shifting the weight into your right leg. Pause and balance, collecting your breath and your thoughts. When ready, cross the left thigh over the right, if you have the space, tuck the left toes behind the right calf. To incorporate the arms, cross the right arm over the left, drawing palms to face one another. If your shoulders are very tight, you can hold on to the backs of the shoulders instead.

Squeeze everything towards the center line, and reach the forearms forward to create space in the back body. Hold for 3 breaths, and transition to the other side.

Now. You are READY. Clarity and mental focus ACHIEVED! Get out there, do GOOD THINGS, and kick some serious butt in that next meeting. You can do it!

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