OYO Sequence Series: Signature Vinyasa

OYO Signature Vinyasa

As we are focusing on Pranayama this month, we figure it’s time to take it back to our roots. In this sequence, Bodhi the Office Yogi is demonstrating our signature OYO Sun Salutation A. This provides the perfect opportunity to construct a flow that focuses mainly on the breath, and the simple movements of warming up the body.

To begin, start in Tadasana. Root down through your feet, press palms into heart center. Close your eyes, land on an intention. Hold the intention in the forefront of your mind and take three full rounds of breath. Feel free to breathe out of your mouth.

Inhale, reach hands up and over the head, stretching through fingers. Exhale, bend elbows and squeeze shoulder blades at the back of the heart. Repeat three times.

On the last round, clasp your hands behind your back, draw shoulder blades together. Inhale, look up towards the ceiling. Exhale, forward fold over your thighs. Keep the bind of the hands.

Give a small, or big, bend to the knees and let the head be heavy. Nod yes, nod no. Flutter the lips, take a deep sigh. Just let go of your day! No need to worry about what it looks like right now. As you can see, Bodhi is nice and relaxed around the neck and shoulders.

Inhale, and as you exhale, lower hands to the mat. Inhale, rise to standing with hands above head. Exhale, hands return to heart center.

Rinse and repeat. Stick with the breath. Move freely and create space for the intention. This simple action is clearing space and removing obstacles, so that you can eliminate past karmas and turn towards your greatest happiness.


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