Ardha Chandrasana: OYO Style

For the last four months we’ve been exploring different Office Yoga® Sequences, during the OYO Sequence Series. For more detailed OYO Sequences, click here.

We took some time to chat with Bodhi, our favorite Office Yogi. She shared with us her favorite pose, Ardha Chandrasana, and we were inspired! It’s not every day that you get a yogi who loves this pose.

Ardha Chandrasana
Half Moon

Ardha Chandrasana takes some of yoga’s most challenging aspects and piles them all together into one. There’s lengthening, strengthening, mental focus, balance, and breath work… All at the same time!

Begin by starting in Virabhadrasana 2 with your right foot forward. Look down at your right foot, and launch off of your back leg, so that you are balancing on your front standing leg.

As you find your balance, spin your left hip up, so that is stacks directly on top of your right standing leg. Reach out, far and wide, through your arms and your legs. Take up space!

The more you engage your floating leg, the easier it will be to balance, and the more space you will begin to feel in the chest and throughout the sacrum.

Keep the gaze of your eyes about 6″ in front of your standing foot, and maintain that focus as you slow down the breath and the mind. Soon, you will be effortlessly floating in Ardha Chandrasana.

So, Bodhi… Why do you love Ardha Chandrasana so much?

“Because Ardha Chandrasana is the most challenging pose for me, and it teaches me that no matter what, I can find stability and spaciousness in every single moment.”

We see you, Bodhi. We see you.


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