OYO Sequence Series: Holiday Flow

Behold, the Office Yoga® Holiday Flow Keep this in your back pocket for emergencies, food breaks, party tricks, and more.

Sometimes we need a few minutes to decompress and recollect ourselves, especially when we’re with our entire family, or our significant other’s family, or a crowded airport full of delayed flights, or in a throw-down over the last piece of pumpkin pie. We’ve all been there. 😉

Use this sequence as a means to pause, reconnect with the breath, and jump back in the game.

Starting in Tadasana, draw your right heel in towards your sit-bone, balance on your standing leg. Take three rounds of breath, switch to the other side.

Find your way to adho mukha svanasana. Feel free to pass through vinyasa at any point in time.

Inhale, reach your right leg up and back, exhale draw right foot forward. Gently place the left knee down on the floor. Inhale rise, low lunge.

Allow hips to fall down towards the floor, place hands on lower back, drawing upper arm bones together at the back of the heart. If it feels okay, lay your head back and open up through the throat. Hold for three rounds of breath, sending each inhale into the center of the chest and the depths of the belly.

Rinse and repeat, left side. Remember, vinyasa’s are available at any point in time. Feel free to rinse it out if you’re called to!

Find your way to the top of your mat, in a kneeling position. Keeping sit bones on heels, or lowering sit bones to the floor (depending on your knees), inhale reach hands up and over the head. Interlace fingers together and turn palms to face the ceiling.

Keep the bind of the hands and let the shoulder blades fall down the spine. Keep reaching up, creating space throughout the side body.

Release your hands, and place them on your sacrum. Staying here, or leaning all the way back, lowering your spine to the floor. Supta Virasana, hero’s pose.

Hold and breathe for 10 counts. Once complete, slowly make your way back to kneeling.

Lifting your hips off the heels, or floor, clasp hands behind your back. Hips stay stacked over knees, begin to draw arm bones together at the back of the heart. Releasing hands down to heels, or keeping them where they are, begin to lay the head back, opening up through the throat.

Sending the breath into the front of the body, take slow and controlled inhales/exhales.

Place hands on hips, slowly come out of Ustrasana, camel pose, lower hips to heels and draw hands to heart center.

Close your eyes, remember your intention. Open the eyes, and get back out there, yogi. That pie is YOURS.


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