Ergo Hacks for those who SIT!


I will ?  admit that I work from my drum desk. I set it up like this to teach, and I’m too lazy to move it back between classes. Practical? Yes. Functional? Not so much…

Quick tip for sitting at your desk: make sure to sit at the edge of your seat with a tall spine, feet flat on the floor. If you have trouble sitting up tall try this Lower Back Lovin sequence.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Ergo Hacks for Those Who Sit. Join me for a discussion and demo with Renew Physical Therapy and learn how to set up the BEST ergonomics for you at home. Whether you’re working from home 10 hours a day or 1 hour a day, having the right set up for your workstation is important to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

You’ll learn some easy fixes and tips to help you optimize your work station specifically in a SITTING position. As a bonus, you’ll also learn yoga poses that can help reverse and address common work-related injuries. Balancing remote work, family and kids can already be stressful but your workstation doesn’t have to be.

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