workplace transformation & changing nature of work

workplace transformation and the changing nature of work.

workplace transformation and the changing nature of work
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We are sitting at the apex of workplace transformation and the changing nature of work. The questions that continue to come up are, “are we going back to the office? Do I want to stay at this job? Are we adopting a hybrid model? If so, what does that look like?”

There’s no cookie-cutter answer here, but the underlying theme woven into all these questions is around workplace transformation and the changing nature of work. With no clear successful model to guide us, how do we know which direction to go? 

What’s the challenge?

The real challenge here is not changing careers or teasing apart the company hybrid model; it’s the continuous change in a future that is so foreign to us all. Millennials are leaving their jobs and opting for a YOLO lifestyle. In addition, labor shortages across the country are causing businesses to decrease in volume or shut down. As a result, leaders are being forced to re-evaluate their company culture. 

The system is fighting to fix itself, but that doesn’t come with ease. The tension that comes from continuous workplace transformation and changing nature of work can be seen as Tapas

Not only does Tapas refer to the very delicious bite-sized Spanish food, but the word “tapas” also comes from the Sanskrit (Yogic Language) verb, “tap,” which means “to burn.” So the action of “Tapas” in this sense refers to the burning off of impurities. In other words, removing things that are no longer working.

Defining the transformation and nature of change

You may think of Tapas as the heat that comes from the friction of change. Do you know that feeling of being in Chair pose when you want to get out of it? Or trying to step away from caffeine or sugar, and the first couple of days are miserable (before it gets amazing)? Or that feeling of being asked to return to the office when you’ve really settled into the WFH lifestyle? 

That’s tapas. The Work!

Tapas is the flame inside that can motivate you and an entire organization. It creates discipline from passion and uncertainty and keeps you on track. This is the energy that is always here. You can learn to tap into it at any time to progress and better yourself. With this sense of discipline and self-awareness, you’re less likely to fall into the stress trap caused by continuous change. 

How to handle workplace transformation and the changing nature of work

To handle workplace transformation and the changing nature of work, let’s look at some options. For some, “Tapas” will mean making time to be still, breathe and assess the changes taking place. For others, it’ll mean actually doing the work that’s been put on the back burners for a while now.  Yet still others, it simply means to have the discipline to practice every day. This includes staying informed, listening to your own needs, listening to individual needs, and making decisions. Tapas asks us to go below the surface and beyond the obvious.

Try this 13 min Tapas practice to get started.

Tapas practice for workplace transformation and the changing nature of work.

Through this change, we are igniting the fire of consciousness within ourselves. This fire shines the light on the future of work. What does this look like for you?

A practice of self inquiry

An exercise to get to know your flame can mean taking a moment of self-inquiry.

Either write these answers down or ponder for yourself:

  • What do you want your new workflow to look like?
  • What are you avoiding that you know needs to happen?
  • What are you willing to commit to?

The answer to this is where your work with Tapas begins…

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