3 Common Obstacles to Starting a Corporate Yoga Business

Yoga Business

Starting a corporate yoga business is becoming more common as increasing numbers of yoga teachers offer office yoga as part of their services. Yet, the guidelines for approaching corporate clients remain unwritten. Teachers face several obstacles, some of which are out of our control and others that can be minimized. Here, I describe the three most common obstacles to starting a corporate yoga business.

Nothing is more demoralizing than preparing and sharing content with the world only to have it fall on deaf ears. Knowing market peaks and trends for corporate wellness helps you share insights when people are listening. Human resource departments replenish their budget and are likely looking for office yoga services during the open enrollment period, which happens on January 1 or July 1, depending on the company. Specific periods like Mental Health Awareness Month (March 1-31) or holidays like International Day of Yoga (June 21) also impact when decision-makers are looking for corporate yoga. Time your marketing and packages to match calendar events and holiday themes to ensure your services are well received.

Specialized Knowledge in Corporate Yoga Business

Yoga Business

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One of the Office Yoga graduates was on the fence about taking the Office Yoga Training. She is a seasoned yoga teacher and reasoned that she could figure it out herself. However, she didn’t want to spend two years learning what she could in two days, so she registered. After the training, she shared an unexpected benefit- she didn’t know what she didn’t know. One of her blindspots was the subtle cueing that seamlessly directs where to move your body in relation to the desk in our desk yoga practice videos. She also received answers to questions she didn’t know she had, which launched her forward in her business. 

Having specialized knowledge about your office yoga audience will fuel efficiency and fun. Teaching corporate yoga differs from studio classes. Some key differences include teaching around a conference table instead of a yoga mat, cueing for the layman, and having legal documents, liability waivers, and proper insurance coverage. Additionally, scheduling sessions around employees’ time constraints without disrupting productivity can pose logistical challenges. 

Patience in Entrepreneurship

yoga business

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Acquiring corporate clients and convincing them to invest in office yoga programs represents a major hurdle. Effectively marketing the benefits of yoga to businesses, establishing credibility, and building a client base is essential, albeit time-consuming, and necessitates a solid strategy. Timing and specialized knowledge will lead to faster business success, but they still require abhyasa, dedicated work, and commitment. 

You never know when your next client will come. When the doors are closed and business is quiet, plan and prepare for your next opportunity. Learn new strategies to improve your services, find new ways to share your expertise, or streamline your invoicing process to make it easier for clients to commit. There will always be market highs and lows. Hearing crickets from clients is not a direct reflection of you and your services. Take a step back and look at what’s happening globally and locally. Having patience and faith is critical to success as an entrepreneur. 

Addressing these obstacles involves a combination of education about the benefits of office yoga, creative problem-solving for logistical issues, and strategic marketing and networking efforts to build relationships with potential corporate clients. Our Office Yoga graduates meet once a month to share best practices and ask questions. Find a community or mentor who can help guide you through obstacles as you evolve your corporate yoga business. 

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