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Why Not Now Podcast

Why Not Now? Podcast

Is this the best or worst time for entrepreneurs to start their dream business? This is a question that many people have been asking themselves. With the economy shut down, jobs changing and the industries meeting new demands, people are…

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Block Booster

Block Booster Use a yoga block to lift your screen up to eye level. This will save your neck and shoulders. See more tricks for your feet and seat in Ergo Hacks for Your Home Office.

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Puppy Pose

Puppy Pose or #anahatasana This pose is GREAT for shoulders and spine. Helps to open the throat and chest, good basis for downdog.Start in table top position. Keep your hips over your knees and walk your hands forward. Bring forehead…

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Power Chair

Inhale: Sit back into chair pose. Stay low and lift heels off floor. Exhale: Sweep arms back by sides and maintain balance. Inhale: Come up to stand, press heels down as you reach up. From here you can go into…

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Take a Step Back

I feel like this is the kind of sequence you need to do with no pants on to catch someone’s eye. Nonetheless, this is a good pairing 🙂 Start with a Baby Dancer (or quad stretch), hold R foot with…

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Down Dog with a TWIST

Down Dog w/ Twist This was my warm up for a different  sequence. It felt very honest and I wanted to share.My intention was to loosen up through the outer hips and lower back. The body is most stiff in…

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Power Pyramid This pose helps you take a moment and recharge your battery so you operate at  power. Step R foot under edge of table and straighten both legs. Try to level your hips with the edge of the table. Lean…

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Office Yoga Vinyasa

Swimmer Friends! This ones for you   Shout out to all my SERC swimmers (Dolphins fine, too ).Office Yoga Vinyasa- opens shoulders & chest, lengthens hamstrings and strengthens legs (for killer kicks).Repeat 3-5x. Do this before or after a swim, honestly good…

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Baby Got Backbends!

Please excuse me while I stretch my washboard ABS from yesterday’s core workout Urdhva Dhanurasana #wheelpose is great for the following  decreases stress and anxiety improves posture increases spine flexibility and mobility stretches abdominal muscles gives you a boost of…

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Obliques, baby!

Apparently, I’ve been too soft on you guys. My assistant, Brittany, put together a HOT FIRE FLAMES ab workout for you! OBLIQUES, BABY! 10-12 Reps 3-4 sets Move 1: Side Plank Hip Dips Move 2: Side V-UPs Move 3: Russian…

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